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Photo Gallery
Daily Guided Diving
Our boats leave the jetties of Sharm El Sheikh daily. You will be picked up from your hotel in one of our air-conditioned minibuses in the early morning and returned to your hotel late afternoon.
Guided Dive Packages are sold on the basis of two dives per day but a third dive is usually possible and night dives can be arranged, subject to availability. A cooked buffet lunch is provided on board your boat (additional cost LE40 per person).
Daily Guided
Night Dives
 Daily Guided Diving

Night Dives

Night dives are conducted just after sun-down and offer divers a whole different outlook on the underwater world from that of the day!  Just as with wildlife found on land, many sea creatures only come out under the cover of darkness to feed or hunt.  Consequently, you will come across marine life not often seen in the day such as feathered starfish, Spanish dancers, octopus and Lionfish (which you will also see by day but which are drawn by the torchlight).  Turn your torches off for a moment or two, wave your arms through the water and you will be amazed by the phosphorescence created by agitating the plankton!  Torches can be hired from the Dive Centre.

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