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Welcome to Scuba Divers Red Sea based in the vibrant and cosmopolitan holiday resort of Sharm El Sheikh, at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.
Sharm Dive Sites
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The wreck of the Thistlegorm can be reached by daily boat with a very early morning departure at 04.30 hrs, alternatively, you can reach her on one of our liveaboard trips.  The Thistlegorm was a British transport ship built in 1940.  Early one morning in October 1941 while moored at Sha’ab Ali, she was struck by German bombers and sank.  She was carrying a cargo of munitions, anti-tank mines, motorcycles, Bedford trucks, spare parts, tyres and medicines amongst other things for the British troops in North Africa.  She lies at depths of between 16 and 33 metres and both the ship and her cargo are very well preserved, making her arguably the best wreck dive in the Red Sea.  Not only you will you enjoy seeing a ship and cargo so amazingly intact, you will also see plenty of marine life in and around the vessel making the Thistlegorm, effectively, an artificial reef!



Built in Newcastle in 1873, this British steamer met her end in 1876 while bound for Bombay with a cargo of timber and cotton, which were lost in the ship wreck when the ship caught fire.  She lies upside-down in 15 – 29.5 metres depth.  The dive starts at the stern and takes you inside the hull where you can see Crocodilefish. You can also expect to see some groupers, Lionfish and schools of Glassfish.  Above the bow you can enjoy a coral garden at 10 – 5 metres as you ascend from your dive.

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