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Photo Gallery
Dive Sites

Much of the diving in Dahab is done from the shore. Sites are usually reached by 4-wheel drive or, in some cases, camel trek which adds to the excitement of diving here.
We have covered some of the more popular dive sites and some of the more interesting to reach, whether by camel-back or jeep. Many of the sites are suited more to divers who are advanced level or above and a number are popular with experienced Tec divers.
Dahab Dive Sites
 Dahab – Dive Sites
Blue Hole
Coral Garden
Moray Garden 1
Three Pools
Dahab – Dive Sites
The Blue Hole
Possibly the most famous dive site in Dahab, the Blue Hole is a little way north of Dahab and is reached from entering from the shore.  It is a cylindrical abyss some 25 metres in diameter and plunges to indescribable depths.  At around 56 metres depth there is the top of an archway in the coral which connects the Blue Hole to the open sea.  However, depths in the Blue Hole are beyond the realms of recreational divers, so only Tec-qualified divers are able to dive down the Blue Hole and under the archway leading to the open sea.  Most divers, therefore, swim out over the Blue Hole and enjoy a dive on the outside coral wall where there are beautiful corals supporting a diverse array of reef life.  Divers must take care, though, with depths as it is easy to descend beyond recreational limits. Another way to visit the Blue Hole is to start a dive at The Bells, and then finish your dive over the Blue Hole.

The Bells
A little north of The Blue Hole is The Bells dive site. You enter one by one from the shore from a small crack in the reef. The Bells is believed to have been so-named from the sound of tanks banging against the rocks as divers entered the water here which sounds like bells ringing. You can then descend to around 27metres and follow the reef wall southwards, taking in colonies of black coral and noticing small cave entrances. You may even have the fortune to catch sight of a reef shark. In any case, you will enjoy the abundant reef fauna to be found here. You can exit by entering The Blue Hole at a depth of approximately 5 metres, while conducting your safety stop.

The Canyon
The Canyon is reached from the shore, by swimming over a shallow, sandy lagoon. Soon, you reach The Canyon which can be entered at a depth of around 20 metres. The Canyon is a long, narrow fissure in the coral reef. It is almost closed over at the top, making it an exciting site for cave enthusiasts. You can expect to see Pufferfish, Snappers and maybe, Octopus, amongst other marine life. You exit through a section of The Canyon known as ‘the fishbowl’ at a depth of 12 metres.

Ras Abu Helal
3 km south of The Canyon you find Ras Abu Helal, a crescent-shaped reef which drops down to a sandy, shallow lagoon at 12 metres. Less dived than other sites, the corals are remarkably well-preserved. You can expect to see Unicorn fish, Triggerfish, wrasses and Pufferfish. Also at this site at 30 40 metres, suitable only for Tec divers, is the Little Canyon.

Eel Garden
Like Ras Mohammed National Parks Eel Garden, Dahabs Eel Garden is so-called because of the numerous garden eels which inhabit the sandy sea-bed at this point. However, this dive will also enable you to see sections of coral at 20 metres depth and the diverse reef life they support.

The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse, so-named because of its proximity to the lighthouse, is a dive site which is good for beginners (Open Water students) as well as more experienced divers. Follow the reef wall and you will come across many pinnacles, home to a variety of reef life, including moray eels and octopus.

The Islands
The Islands site is known for the variety and extensiveness of its corals including Brain coral and porites, most of them to be found at a depth of no more than 18 metres. Schools of Barracuda often frequent the site and sightings of Napoleons and lionfish are not uncommon.

Gabr El Bint
Translated as The Grave of the Girl, Gabr El Bint is south of Dahab and reached by 4-wheel drive or camel safari. The reef walls are colourful here with fantastic examples of Gorgonian Fan corals, amongst others, wherein youll find a multitude of reef fauna including Parrotfish, Trumpet fish, Crocodilefish and stingrays, to name but a few.
Ras Abu Galum and Ras Malach
Within the protected zone of Abu Galum are the dive sites of Ras Abu Galum and Ras Mamlach. Red Sea Scuba Divers offers a 3-day boat safari to reach these sites. Alternatively, Ras Abu Galum can be reached by 1 day camel safari. From the shore, the dive at Ras Abu Galum commences with a swim over a stretch of sandy sea-bed, the coral walls begin on both sides on the left side youll find a steep wall with pinnacles. Schools of Trevallies and Jackfish are often encountered here.

At Ras Mamlach the reef starts at about 12 metres with a pretty coral garden leading to a steep wall. You will see fan and table corals at this site. Look out to the blue and you can expect to see schools of Barracuda and Jackfish, amongst others.
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